20 Workplace Productivity Apps You Should Be Using

If you’d like to see an improvement in productivity at work (whether for yourself personally or for your entire team), check out the following apps. From note-taking to background noises to help you focus, these apps will make your work easier and more productive than ever.


1. Slack

Collaboration Hub
Free – $12.50/month/user

Slack is a cloud-based collaboration hub that allows groups to communicate, organise their conversations, store and share files and use integrated tools such as Google Drive, DropBox, SalesForce, Trello and more. You can create channels for different conversations, dividing them by team, client, project or whatever is most useful for your organisation. Threads keep conversations organised and easy to follow.


2. Evernote

Note-taking App
Free – $69.99/year

Available on your smartphone, computer, tablet and even Moleskine notebooks, Evernote syncs your notes across all of your devices, even if they have different operating systems. Your notes can be voice memos, photographs, web page excerpts, formatted text or even handwritten “ink” notes. Use Evernote to keep all of your notes organised and readily available.


3. Asana

Project Management
Free – $9.99/month/user

Keep your whole team organised with Asana. This app helps you to manage due dates, assignees, details, followers, and files so that everyone can stay on the same page. You can set notifications to send you reminders of to-dos and appointments, comment on tasks from anywhere, and clarify instructions.


4. Jira

Project Management
$7 – $10/month/user

Developed by Atlassian, Jira is a project management tool designed especially for software development companies but popular across a range of disciplines. You can use this app to create user stories, plan sprints and even assign tasks to members of your software team. You can also prioritise specific tasks and produce reports based on real-time data generated by your team.


5. Google Suite

General Business Tools
$5 – $25/month/user

Google Suite (or G Suite) allows you to reach your employees in many different ways wherever they are. For instance, you can use Gmail to email them, Calendar to coordinate meetings, Google+ for social media, Docs for sharing text-based files, Sheets for collaborating on budgets and Slides for creating presentations. You can manage users, devices and data for all of your personal and collaborative files.


6. Grammarly

Writing App
Free – $10/month/user

Grammarly is a writer’s best friend; automatically highlighting spelling and grammatical errors, instances of poor writing clarity and opportunities to improve your text. Its Google Chrome plugin allows Grammarly to check your writing in real-time as you send emails, write Facebook messages and more.


7. Wordcounter.net

Word Count Tool and SEO
Free website

Need a little help with the content you’re producing for your website, social media or presentations? Copy and paste it into wordcounter.net to count words and characters, detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism and even improve your word choice and writing style.


8. Spotify

Streaming Music
Free – $9.99/month

Whether you need some background music for your office or a favourite playlist to keep you motivated, Spotify allows you to stream music without listening to ads (if you purchase a paid subscription). You can also download songs to your device for the times you’re not connected to wifi or data.


9. Monday

Project Management

This highly visual app allows you to track everything your team is working on from one easy-to-use dashboard. From this dashboard, you can add tasks, projects, to-do lists and missions, and you can delegate assignments to team members and track their progress.


10. CommuniCloud Video

Video Conferencing
Free – $79/month

Your productivity will increase when you can have face-to-face conversations instead of going back and forth on email or texting. Use this state-of-the-art video conferencing platform to create webinars, hold team meetings, train employees or stay in touch with clients.


11. PicResize

Image Editor
Free website

Need to edit an image for a PowerPoint presentation or a social media post? With PicResize, you can resize and crop images as well as use special effects. You can upload pictures from your computer or device, or you can edit a picture loaded from a URL.


12. Word Swag

Image Editor

Word Swag, available for both Apple and Android, is an easy-to-use photo editor that allows you to add text to your photos in a matter of seconds. Using the exclusive Typomatic engine, your pictures can include beautiful custom text and designer details.


13. Canva

Graphic Design Tool
Free – $9.95/month

Using easy drag-and-drop functionality, Canva allows you to create social media graphics, ebook covers, logos and more. You can use pre-made templates or start from scratch for your designs, and you can also upload your own photos or images to drag and drop onto your designs.


14. Blinkist

Audio Books
$6.67/month – $12.99/month

If you’d like to read more but just don’t have the time, try Blinkist. It boils popular non-fiction books down to 15-minute text and audio segments, and you have access to over 2,500 of the world’s best titles. You can use the highlighting tool to keep track of your favourite quotes and enjoy your library when you’re offline.


15. Buffer

Social Media Management
Free – $399/month

Buffer allows you to schedule your social media posts and handle your analytics all from one easy-to-use app. You can manage several different accounts from one easy dashboard, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Put your social media on autopilot and build your lists of followers.


16. Cisco Spark

Reminders and Team Communication
$13.50/month – $26.95/month

If you’ve ever wished for a personal assistant, you’ll enjoy Cisco Spark. This app emails you every morning to remind you what the day has in store for you. You can also use it to manage your team and send each person reminders about tasks, meetings and other responsibilities. The Teams version also includes a whiteboard, video conferencing and file sharing capabilities.


17. Focus List

Time Management

This daily planner app helps you to plan your day and stay focused on your top priorities. After writing your focus list, you create a timebox for each activity. You can then use the Pomodoro technique – picking a task and focusing on it for 25 minutes with a 5-minute break afterwards. The timer will keep you on track and reward you for your focused efforts.


18. Google Keep

Reminders and Lists

Keep track of all the odds and ends of your workday with Google Keep. You can add notes, to-do lists, photos and even audio files so you can keep all of your reminders in one handy spot. You can also set location-based reminders. For instance, when you go to the supermarket, your shopping list will automatically display on your device.


19. Noisli


If you’re having trouble concentrating, download Noisli and choose background sounds that will boost your productivity or help you relax. You can mix different sounds to create your perfect audio environment or opt for random sounds, including crickets chirping, fire crackling, a train running on tracks and water dripping from a faucet.


20. 1Password

Password Help
$2.99 – $7.99

How much time do you waste each day because you can’t remember all of your passwords? This app protects all of your passwords and important information behind one Master Password. Your team can all use this, and your account includes admin controls to view and manage permissions as well as two-factor authentication for added protection.

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