Job interview via video conferencing – save time and money!

Video conferencing is becoming more popular with employers as a means of interviewing potential candidates.

Not to mention it provides flexibility for all involved. You could be on holidays and still participate in an interview. Just imagine, popping back from the beach, board shorts down bottom, and shirt up top. Connect via video conferencing to participate in a job interview, return from your holiday, and walk into your career.


Have you considered conducting job interviews over video conferencing?  Conducting video interview’s gives you the ability to increase your target audience.

You may wish to interview a potential candidate who is remote. You may wish to save yourself and the candidate the time and expense of travel; or save yourself and the candidate the diminished quality of a telephone interview.

Consider a video interview to be a face-to-face meeting that occurs with the potential candidates in various locations. This option will allow you to facilitate the need to quickly and easily interview remotely-based job candidates without the expense and time needed to travel. Or simply avoid the hassle of a potential candidate ‘sneaking out of work’ or trying to manage traffic to cross the city to meet with you in person.



Don’t be afraid


Video interviews are becoming increasingly a more cost-effective means to interview potential candidates. Global hiring and flexible workplaces are becoming the norm and with this we need to adapt to how we recruit.

video conferencing interview is just like conducting a face-to-face interview. Today’s technology is reliable and can bridge the distance between the employer and the potential candidate.

It is better than a phone call and enables you to have two or more people in different locations to take part in the interviewing process. With the right technology, the interview can be conducted from a desktop at work, a home computer, laptop, smartphone or a tablet.

Using the right software, you will have the tools and service to feel connected and present. You will have greater accessibility for candidates to connect at time and place that works for them. Gone are the days of juggling interview times, and waiting for everyone to gather in a conference room. Get together in a virtual space that is dynamic, flexible and makes interview process easier not harder!





With the candidates’ permission, you have the option of recording an interview. This is an easy option and video conferencing interviews are easy to record. As such, interviewers can use these recordings if they need to refresh themselves about the interviews. How painful is it when it comes to putting together an interview write-up? Just imagine jumping back to a recording to assist with your notes.



Get creative!


When planning your next interview, you might wish to share keynotes or questions. You can utilise customised layouts. Customisation can mean it’s continuous presence and equal sized images of all your meeting attendees, or maybe you just want the active speaker on full screen. Better still, how about a layout of the active speaker and a filmstrip of everyone else? It’s your meeting, you decide.

  • You can minimise interruptions by muting all audio except the presenters to deliver a high impact virtual event. Then unmute at the end for Q&A.
  • Utilising Call transfer and Sub Conference feature, you can create a breakout session? Using the transfer feature, you can move selected attendees into a meeting within your meeting. Discuss separate topics and suitable candidates. Whenever you are ready, just move them back into the main meeting.
  • With Outlook scheduling and exchange integration you can send candidates interview invites by utilising a scheduling tool with the ability to integrate an organisational level exchange calendar.



Don’t be a dummy!


Make sure that both the employer and potential candidate understand what is required prior to the interview. It’s important to familiarise yourself with video etiquette and avoid the stress of trying to connect 2 minutes before the interview to find out that you are unable to connect. If you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail! Don’t be a dummy and put your best foot forward.



Common sense is not common practice


As candidates, you must create the right setting and apply common sense. Avoid last minute installation issues or password problems right before your interview. If  using your own equipment it is imperative that you do a trial run a day or two before the interview.

Check the camera, headset and microphone as if you were going to do the actual interview. Your camera should be at eye level (not above or below). A poorly placed camera can result in unflattering double chins or weird shadows. Dressing poorly is a no no!

Check to make sure your sound equipment works properly.

Regardless of location, make sure that you send any materials (resume, portfolio, etc.) that the recruiter needs in advance.

Check your background. Does it look cluttered or distracting? Maybe you should tidy up the home office? A plain wall is ideal, or an office-like setting.

If you are participating in the interview from home, make sure that you are in a quiet space with no barking dogs, children, music, or other sounds. Make sure you turn off your phone, any alerts on your computer and avoid getting distracted by emails or instant messages.

Even the best of us make mistakes; this one is a classic “Children interrupt BBC News interview – BBC News



Work smarter not harder!

Conducting interviews can be exhausting and time consuming. Conducting an interview using CommuniCloud will provide you with multi-video support, content, and crystal-clear audio; it’s full steam ahead!  Keep your business ahead of the curve by being accessible to potential candidates and creating opportunities to increase your candidate pool. Don’t get stuck at the shallow end of the pool. Jump into the deep end and increase the depth of your candidate selection pool and make sure that you get nothing but the best!



Invest in nothing but the best


As industry influencers, CommuniCloud come out on top for a state-of-the-art video conference. Built for professionals, we make sure we work with the best technology platforms, whether it’s our proprietary InView™ or Prime Time technology to seamlessly bring all participants face-to-face. Our service provides you with the power of a flexible, secure, HD video conference through a first class, subscription based “all you can meet” collaboration.


Give your business the ability to be one step ahead, broaden your options with potential candidates and get interviewing via video conferencing. It’s not just about asking for a CV it also meeting via VC.


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