Enjoy frictionless meetings at CommuniCloud – we only invest in the best. CommuniCloud are pleased to announce that our InView™ video meetings platform, powered by Pexip has partnered with Google Cloud to bring Native Video, Audio, and Content-Sharing Interoperability to Hangouts Meet.

Association of Children with a Disability. In February 2017, the Minister for Human Services announced that the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) had received Commonwealth Sector Development Funds (SSDF) to support sector and workforce development and individual capacity building in Tasmania.

Would you like video to go with your order for audio? When it comes to products and services it’s important to offer your potential customers a suite of services.  

Video conferencing is becoming more popular with employers as a means of interviewing potential candidates. Not to mention it provides flexibility for all involved. You could be on holidays and still participate in an interview. Just imagine, popping back from the beach, board shorts down bottom, and shirt up top. Connect via video conferencing to

Where do you sit within the division of ages? With video conferencing products, you can collaborate with ease and get back to work. With today’s technology, some might argue that the millennials live in a world of instant stimulation with the use of multiple devices. We are surrounded by a generation that type at the

Running a successful webinar will take some preparation and thought. Take the time to ensure that your content is interesting, informative and engaging for participants.   10 Webi-not to do’s! Do not underestimate the power of a good headline. Take the time to make sure that you have selected a topic and title that has search

Sick of holding the same old mundane client meetings? Why not take the leap into the virtual world…Industries are constantly adapting to a dynamic world and to stay on top of your game it’s well worth showcasing yourself through a virtual event.

A cloud video meeting has become a staple in the business community, offering a quick, convenient way for teams to meet, even when they’re thousands of kilometres apart. As a frequent alternative to in-person meetings, cloud video chatting has redefined what it means to interact with your teammates, streamlining the flow of business no matter how

Over the last decade, video conferences have become increasingly frequent, providing a way for individuals to speak face to face without being in the same room, country, or even on the same continent.