Impress your clients: Hold A Video Call

Sick of holding the same old mundane client meetings? Why not take the leap into the virtual world…Industries are constantly adapting to a dynamic world and to stay on top of your game it’s well worth showcasing yourself through a virtual event.

Ok so making virtual connections and building relationships at an online conference might not be completely synonymous with having a client catch-up in person, but it’s certainly been shown that virtual events greatly surpass the traditional conference, as businesses are continually seeking for a balance between both time and resources. If you want to grow the reach of your event beyond a specific region, then going virtual is the next logical step.

Growing more and more popular across the business sphere, virtual platforms are providing value that has never existed in the market before. A virtual environment may not be perfectly conducive with trades in luxury goods, cars or food, but industries where virtual conferences thrive include:

  • Knowledge sectors eg: medicine, pharmaceuticals, and new technology
  • Nascent industries where innovation clusters are globally dispersed
  • Digital industries where the product can be delivered via a multimedia format
  • Higher education

With the number of methods of communication out there, events that utilize virtual technology are more likely to achieve the wow-factor while honoring the preconceived constraints. Virtual events can be used as an extremely valuable collaboration tool that aid teams through seamless communication.

And they don’t break the bank…Virtual events can be significantly more cost-effective than face-to-face events and at the same time increased ROI. Removing the complexities and expenditures needed to set off a brick and mortar event also slashed overheads and allows you to focus on the most important element of the event – the content.

Communicloud cover every little detail, including recordings and replay, live online management of your participants and the Q&A and post-event reports encompassing all participant details taken from the managed event.


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